Becoming a general logistics company that connects the world

SUN OCEAN CORPORATION has expanded its business operations since the company's founding as a general logistics company by becoming engaged in harbor tansportation operations, warehousing operations, coastal shipping operations, international shipping operations, customhouse brokerage services, and other operations. To enhance each of our operational platforms, we have taken a comprehensive approach to carrying out export and import cargo handling and storage, customs clearance, and marine transportation. For example, we have constructed a fleet consisting of coastal cargo vessels, ocean barges, coastal barges, port barges, and the MOMI ARROW and the GDF SUEZ NORTH SEA and the IVS NARUO and the SUMMER SKY and the AMBER STAR ocean freighters, and have accumulated land facilities such as our company owned storage facilities in the Ajikawa district, and bonded warehouse facilities in the Osaka Nanko I district and the Pier 3 district. In addition, our Land Carriage Section facilitates seamless land transportation with our own fleet of container trucks, tow cars, and heavy-duty trucks and trailers.
Our vision is to continually improve the intermodal transportation services we offer. On the basis of this vision, as we pursue the above-mentioned business activities, we, as a general logistics company, make it a point to create a framework that is able to meet any and all transportation needs. We expend all possible means to serve customers with fully-equipped shipping and land facilities, complemented by a Business Section that has registered customs specialists, international modal transportation specialists, and licensed ship's officers at its disposal.
Under our motto of "Faster and Safer", the transportation services we provide support world-spanning logistics night and day and contribute toward the smooth running of both economies and modern society. We at SUN OCEAN CORPORATION will globally develop our land, marine, and air transportation operations as we strive in our mission as an advanced general logistics company.
President, Nobuyuki Takabayashi